Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti and Al Qaeda Memo 2

Memo from the Director of the Save Haiti NGO
Haiti and Al Qaeda, developments

Eyes Only

Further to my memo of yesterday, I have further researched the plan presented and find that we may already have fertile fodder in-country, saving us the expense of importing talent. Indeed, Haiti already has 3250 Muslims. True, that's only 0.04 percent of the population, but, hey, surely one despairing type would be willing to don a pair of loaded briefs and hop a plane to New York. We may try contacting the Bilal Mosque and Islamic Centre in Cap Haitien, which has a mosque and an Islamic study center. There is also the spiritual centre Alahu al Akhbar in Port au Prince. Maybe we could offer scholarships in Salafist studies.

In fact, according to revisionist history, Douty Boukman, whose death supposedly kicked off Haiti's revolution, may well have been of Muslim origin. Some later Muslim immigrants were Palestinians. (Signal the Israelis) They even had a Muslim representative in their Chamber of Deputies.

I would only think it's a question of time before one of the horde of reporters in Haiti covering the current disaster checks all this out and files a piece.

So, I ask you, what more do we need?

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  1. not bad, but i have another scenario: the same that all big international companies do when a disaster befall a poor country or a poor city anywhere in the world, or even a poor neighborhood in us. read Naomi Klein's book "the shock doctrine" - the rise of disaster capitalism. in her theory the mega companies just enter any place devastated by a natural crisis or human one, or they can stir up a disaster
    in order to go in and turn the poor out and start to make the place into a plush, expensive retreat for the rich,